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My Review on Suikyu Yankees

I know that Suikyu Yankees is not the latest drama of Yuto, but i just watched it lately in order to recover from the stress i have in the university since i will be having my final exams the next two months..

I have to say, that Suikyu Yankees is the first drama i watched with my favorite JUMP-member Yuto starring so i was excited to see how he would be as an actor =)

my thoughts about Suikyu Yankees:
WOW i dont now what i expected but i definitely didnt expected what i was indeed watching. there are so many things that suprised me a LOT:
1. Yuto looked GREAT! When he appeared in the drama the first time i had to laugh really really bad because i didnt expected him to be blonde! i really needed some time to get used to his looks but then i really liked that, because i always thought Yuto would only look good with his hair black

2. at the beginning i thought that the role he played was pretty easy to act, because he portrayed an easy minded but warm hearted fool with a strong sense of honor. so i was kind of disappointed at first but it was nice to see that his character got more and more deepness during the episodes and Yuto was able to let me feel Naoyas happiness, sadness and frustration too. i was glad to see that Yuto was putting so much effort in his role!

3. now i have to name things that i didnt enjoy: the story of the drama was nothing special. in the first episode i could guess after 5 minutes what the drama is going to be about and how the story will be developing. it was obvious that Naoya would be trying to find his hero and save his highschool and it was clear that all the guys were going to join him. i also immediately knew that Ryuichi only joined Suiran to get trained and i also knew that the man at the hostel would be their coach. The storyline was incredibly obvious but i kept watching because i think that all the actors were well chosen!
Another thing that i also didnt like: the drama was filled with too much emotionalism and pathos! there have been too much look backs and memorys and everytime someone said something meaningful there was a lot of glaring and grinning.. i know that its a really japanese thing but for me it was way too much.. it made the drama painful to watch..

4. to end my review i will say some more positive things at last: i think in the end it was Yuya who had the most shining role in this drama! he managed to give his role a complete change in his personality from the beginning of the drama to the end without appearing artificial or put-on. i think he really did a great job and really looked great and handsome!

i am happy to see the JUMP members growed up at talented, charismatic and handsome men! although i wasnt enjoying the drama that much, i know that it wasnt because of the actors but because of the way that the drama was arranged and its story.
so i am looking for the latest dramas that our JUMP-members are going to film in 2016 =)
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