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00wick00's Journal

20 March
Hi everyone!
Its my first time at livejournal and im excited to have an own journal! Im feeling like a school kid that just received its first notebook/diary... =D
I made this account because i recently started to listen to music of bands and groups that i used to like when i was in school. These were groups like SNSD, 2PM, FT Island, Big Bang, 2NE1, KARA, Hey Say JUMP, Arashi, and soo much more! Im a vietnamese girl that lives in Germany so after i finished my puberty successfully ( =D ) i stopped listening to K- & J-POP and concentrated on my school activities to study at an university.
Now that im a student i have lots of work and spend the most of my time in the laboratorys and librarys of my university. Because of all that work i sometimes feel worn out and tired, so shortly i started to listen to my "old" music again & OF COURSE became addicted again =D
I want to use this journal to recover from my work and i hope that i will start to enjoy being a FT Island and JUMP fangirl again !
sweet FT <3